Laura Fullow |interior designer|

"I would recommend this services for anyone who does not want a generic project. Laura is the kinda person who gets to know her clients first so what she does really fits their vision and will make them happy for the long run."


"After we bought our new home, we immediately reached out to Laura for help with choosing paint colors to make the space unique to our likes. Laura did research before meeting with us, and even brought a selection of colors she felt would resonate with us based on the curated collection of imagery I had built on Instagram.   

Once in our home, we took our time, walking room to room, discussing the plans for furniture, the lighting, and most importantly, how each space would be lived in. One of my favorite parts of working with Laura is that, while I initially figured we’d solely be discussing paint colors, she offered insight on furniture, anchor pieces, artwork, and accessories throughout. Even weeks later, I would text Laura pictures of furniture pieces asking for her advice and she would immediately respond with honest feedback. In short, Laura went above and beyond to spend time giving us valuable advice.    

The hardest part: Not being able to immediately implement all of Laura’s wonderful ideas! That said, we had the interior of our house painted and the colors Laura suggested look amazing and fit our mid-century modern home and long-term goals for the overall look and feel.   

I look forward to working with Laura in the future as we continue to make our house our home. She’s an invaluable resource for any project: large, small, one room, many rooms, traditional, modern, everything!"   

Stephen & Stacey Miller  

"Our designer knew where to get everything. If we needed a custom piece she knew who could do it. If we wanted a specialty piece she knew where to get it. I was constantly in awe of her connections and contacts."

Jamie & Joe Henriod